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Thank you for considering VDH for your next project. There are only two steps to finish "Start Your Design" form. After submitted the information, we will review it and contact you shortly.  --- VDH Team  

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Step 2:    Design Details & Selections

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   60-90 days
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    Software Design: 
      Embedded Design    
      Windows GUI and Device Driver   
       More details, like which OS, Language, CPU and etc.
    Hardware Design: 
      ASIC Design   
      Circuit Design   
      Netlist, BOM (Bill-of-material), and Component cost   
       More details, like which design tools preferred and etc.
    Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design: 
      Multi-layer Board   
      Single-layer Board  
      Gerber files and Photo Film required   
      PCB Fabrication   
       More details, like board dimensions, how many layers and etc.
    Contract Manufacturing: 
      PCB Assembly   
      Turn-key Solution 
       More details, like how many prototype boards assembled and etc.

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