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Dr. Jordan Isailovic , scientist, JRI Technology and California State University Long Beach. and more...

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Course Outline
  • Introduction: What is Digital Cinema?
  • Digital Cinema standards; standards development
    • DC Requirements
  • Testing and evaluations in Digital Cinema
    • ITU- BT.500-10
    • Expert Viewers Testing Methodology
    • Limitations of the present testing and evaluation methods
  • Technical foundations of MPEG and general Video compression
    • Methods and Tools in:
      • MPEG
      • Other video compression Standards
    • RGB vs YCrCb; 4:4:4 vs 4:2:2 vs 4:2:0
  • Intellectual Property Management and Protection (IPMP)
  • Business models; Benefits
  • Future directions: Opportunities and Obstacles

Additional topics:

  • Archive and Distribution
  • DC System Architecture
  • The Concept of Resolution
  • Content Mastering (How does the spatial resolution compare to film?)
  • Projections and Image Quality Assessment
  • Conditional Access/Encryption and Traceability
  • Distribution: Transport, Packaging
  • DC Systems; Servers
  • DC Audio
  • Captioning and Subtitling
  • Metadata


Participants will obtain detailed knowledge of the Digital Cinema architecture, characteristics of the building blocks and of the interfaces between them. Students will also develop an understanding of the wide range of business aspects within the industry.


This course is suitable for people who are experienced in creating or manipulating digital images. We assume that you are familiar with film or video. We also assume that you have some familiarity with color science and color image coding. 


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