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  Video Design House (VDH) presents a series of MPEG, DTV, DVD and Digital Cinema courses for this fast growing technology area. No matter you are new for the technology or you would like to sharpen your professional skill and update to the last minute standard changes. Those courses are the answers for you!
We are currently offering:  
On-Site Courses  
n MPEG-2 & Alternative Video Compression Standards and Techniques
n Digital Television (DTV): Next Generation Technology and Applications
n Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) Technology
n MPEG-4 & MPEG-7 Multimedia Standards
n Digital Video Technology - analog/digital TV basics and signal processing
Public Courses  
n Digital Video Technology  - 2 day course
Schedule: August 18,19    2005
  September 22,23    2005
  October 20,21    2005
  November 18,19    2005
  December 15,16    2005
n Digital Television (DTV) Technology and Applications  - 3 day course
Schedule: August 22,23,24    2005
  September 26,27,28    2005
  October 24,25,26    2005
  November 21,22    2005  (2-day course)
  December 19,20,21    2005

Dr. Jordan Isailovic, scientist, JRI Technology and California State University Long Beach, is author of Videodisc and Optical Memory Technologies  and Videodisc Systems: Theory and Applications.   He has authored numerous technical articles and holds several patents on digital information storage techniques -- including Jordan code, channel code named after him -- and video signal processing. He presented the world¡¯s first public engineering course on videodisc technology (January 1982) and taught the world's first graduate courses on videodisc and optical memories (CD, CD-ROM, etc.).

His research projects include the following areas: three-dimensional optical memories, optical recording, machine vision, image processing, artificial neural networks, etc. For the lectures, he wrote four manuscripts: Optical Compact Systems (including CDs and CD-ROMs) , Advanced Digital Systems Design, Guide to Frame Grabber Design, and Multimedia PC Architecture and Design.

Dr. Isailovic's current research primarily focuses on video compression - a subject closely related to his Ph.D. thesis in which, among other things, he established the theoretical limits for TV signal compression based on 3D predictive coding. As a consultant, he has evaluated a great number of MPEG-2 encoders and decoders. For Advanced Interactive Inc. he designed the Non-Peg Interactive TV set-top Box. He represented Packard Bell-NEC in the DVD Copy Protection Technical Working Group (CPTWG), represented Lucas Film and Technicolor in MPEG, and is still active on the MPEG committee and CPTWG. He co-chaired MPEG Digital Cinema AHG and still co-chairs SMPTE working group on DVD Authoring.

Currently, Dr. Isailovic is consulting in the fields of video compression and digital cinema: evaluating/testing compression techniques, proposing system designs, participating in Standard comities on digital cinema and DVD, etc.

Dr. Jordan Isailovic has been providing on-site and public courses to many clients including leading technology companies, organizations, and market decision makers like: ADC, Ampex, ATI, AT&T, Boeing, Broadcom, Cadence, C-Cube, Cisco, Cal State Northridge, DirecTV, Diva, Extron, Echostar, GI, Hitachi, HP, Hyundai, IBM, Intel, Kodak, LSI Logic, Lucas Film, THX, Macrovision, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Motorola, NASA, NEC, ODC, OptiBASE, OptiVision, Packard Bell, Pioneer, Polaroid, Qualcomm, Quantum, Rockwell, Sharp, S3, Samsung, Sony, TDC, Technicolor, Tektronix, Thomson, TI, Toshiba, VLSI, Zapex, Zenith, Zilog and many more...

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